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Pueblo Chili Roasters will not be accepting orders after December 5, 2017 until after January 15, 2018. Any orders received will be refunded as soon as possible. Please contact me by Email at Pueblochiliroasters@gmail.com if you want to order a Chili Roaster for delivery after January 20, 2018. Arrangements  for payment will then be made. I want to thank everyone for their business and Wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.



Discover the BEST Way to Get Fresh Roasted Chili Peppers in Only a Few Minutes Right in Your Own Back Yard!

Are you tired of having to make due with canned chili?

Would you like super fresh roasted peppers instead of canned?     Green and red peppers- roast them with the pueblo chil roaster

  • Fresh roasted green chili
  • Fresh roasted green and red bell peppers
  • Fresh roasted jalapenos
  • And so much more!


Imagine having your own Chili pepper roaster at your finger tips and in just a few minutes you could have fresh roasted jalapenos, bell peppers, chili peppers, pueblo chile (mira sol chili) and or anything you want to roast and have fresh in minutes. 

With a personal chili roaster you will have the ability to roast your own chili peppers anytime you want so you can make the freshest green chili, sloppers or any chili dish you like. 

They are perfect for the home gardener who likes to roast their food when and wherever they want and any time of the year. 

This personal chili roaster is the easiest to use hand turned roaster .

Just as an FYI… some other companies are advertising but no longer shipping chili roasters…


Take a peak at our personal chili roaster in action in Ken’s back yard. He just got home from work and his wife wanted fresh peppers for dinner… watch how fast Ken has the peppers ready!

Imagine fresh roasted chili year round,
whenever you want them!


Personal Pueblo Chili Roaster in action roasting chiles.

The best built, easiest to use chile roaster you will ever find!

Our chili roasters come complete and ready to use. All you need is a propane tank to hook it up to and you are ready to roast chili.

Special Bonus Today:
Get a FREE propane hose included with your order!

 green and red chili roast them at home with a personal chili roaster

Why order now, why order from us and what makes us the BEST?


Top 6 Reasons Why Our Chili Roaster Stands So Far Above The Rest

  • The roaster drum is constructed of 14 gauge expanded metal, 11 Gage flat metal.
  • Chili Roaster has a 16 inch inch diameter by 16 inch long drum.
  • The stand is made of 1/4 inch metal cut from our plasma cam machine.
  • It has 3 burners that are controlled by a ball valve which makes it so easy to regulate how much fire you want to roast your chili.
  • The chili roaster burners are made from 16 gauge 1 inch square tubing and 16 gauge 3/8 square tubing. 
  • All the fabricating and welding of the chili roasters is done here in our own welding shop.

We do good work and create the best roasters out there!



Pueblo Personal Chili Roaster

 Pueblo Personal Chili Roaster

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